Android Tablet – Future of Mobile Computing Google’s Android is designed for the mobile designed for the mobile devices which has the Linux based operating system along with other interesting features. The Android Tablet provides many advantages like they are easily portable computers with a touch screen mobile phone, the battery consumption is very less when compared to other mobile phones, contains entertainment features that keeps you engaged in travelling, you can install any type of software in the Android tablet etc… The Android Tablet are available in different sizes you can select the comfortable size. You can easily get in touch with your friends through the social networking websites and get the wireless access easily. A camera is also attached with the device the dual camera option is also available so that you can make the focus better. Many of the applications are free or you can get at very low costs. The Android has an awesome appearance like a note book. You can easily access the Android phones as they are user friendly and helps to hear your favorite music, chat in the web, watch the video, download the files and you can do all the things you can do with your PC and the mobile phones. They have the provision for the USB ports. It has the open source application and the other strength of the Android Tablet is the development kit as the iphone development kit is quite tough to use and this feature made the iphone unprofitable. But the Android uses the tools like Java, c and C++. They also provide the robust emulator that helps to test the product operation without the specialized hardware device. In order to get the Android applications you can log in to the Android application developer website and download the development kit and they can be compatible with the other software. Many people are turning to the Android Tablet because they have the less license fees and the developing the application also requires low cost. They have the royalty fees and the testing charges separately. The Android business is growing with the exclusive and the effective applications available. There are no restrictions for royalty as it is totally free of cost. Since it has the open source software it can be easily accessed by anyone. They provide many services like easy navigation, intensive storage of data, Bluetooth interface, browser facility, security etc… The Android Tablet uses the CDMA technology, WI-Fi, MPEG4, GPS, JPG, touch screen monitor, accelerometer etc… You must first know about the features available in the Android and decide the price. If you have decided to purchase the Android Tablet then search for the professional suppliers online. It is an exclusive multitasking device that can be carried any where easily.